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Mr. Sudip Hazra


“Honesty – Assurance – Commitment.

The power of 3 that keeps me surging ahead…”

Welcome to my world – the world of doers – a world where you never pause in your way to achieving excellence. Never pause on the way to making your dream possible; the indomitable spirit to achieve is what shapes who we are. My intention is to work through barriers – everyone working with me or partnering with me should be inspired to reach beyond the borders known, to sculpt new horizons of success for themselves.

“It is not who you are, it is who you mould yourself to be” – my intention is to make true this belief to the tee. This, for me, is religion; a sacrosanct dictum that I practice and preach. The conglomerate that I’m creating has one simple agenda. I intend to provide simplest solutions to the toughest scenarios.

I started my journey in the world of lighting; where I learned one of the most important lessons of my life. The light that you provide must not flicker, brighten every corner and continue to do so till a substantial period of time. In other words, consistency and comprehensive support is the only way to complete satisfaction. Satisfaction has to be guaranteed from the doers end.

The world is now looking for simpler, more intelligent solutions, be it electronics, security, construction or MEP every field is now evolving every second. As a responsible taskmaster, I believe one has to keep up with the pace of the industry along with providing the best, quickest, cost-effective solutions and achieve a partnership of complete satisfaction.

Vision: To create one of the most exclusive conglomerate that with a clear focus on each of our businesses


Mission: Our endeavor is to deliver intelligent & comprehensive solutions across all industries to help you manage your business productivity and multiply your opportunities.

Our Story

A formidable force in the world of electrical services since the last two decades in Eastern India, Mr.Sudip Hazra is fulfilling his dream of setting up a conglomerate that would revolutionize services in multiple sectors.

Interestingly, for Mr.Sudip Hazra business meant much more than providing services. He made Hazra Group into a diversified multi-faceted organization, from only an electrical solutions company. He pioneered in bringing several breakthroughs in the electrical business from which he fast-tracked into real estate, MEP and more recently the entertainment business. In a stringent market like Eastern India, he ventured to set up world-class production bases. He had foreseen the winds of change and staked the future of his business on a competitive, free market driven economic order. From latest machinery to determined, driven man force, he acquired it all within a few years, on the basis of sheer diligence and acumen.

Fascinatingly, for Mr.Sudip Hazra, diversifying meant more than just geographic reach. He believed that a business could be global even while being based in India. Therefore, back in his home-territory, he drove single-mindedly to put together the building blocks to make our business market in Eastern India a global-level force. Under his stewardship, his companies rose to become one of the most revered multi-faceted organizations in the Eastern market. The company grew to branch out and have divisions in real estate, film & media, MEP trading and much more.

With a legacy of impeccable service, the primary corporate objective of Hazra Group is to provide the highest standards of quality available in the industrial scenario of India. To fulfill this objective, Hazra Group has assembled a group of experienced electrical engineers, designed professional & skilled electricians with extensive experience on projects, nationwide. Along with an exemplary and diligent workforce, the company has networked with a variety of recognized architects and consultants to provide additional expertise in specialized areas. The key motto is to provide flawless service and expand our network with the consistency of quality.

Most importantly, Hazra Group earned the respect and admiration of the people, as one of Eastern India’s finest business houses. With reputed brands like Watchman, Hazra Group grew in strength and vitality. That India grows to earn a respectable rank among the developed nations in terms of economic strength is a dream the Group is steadily working towards.

The Group has substantially grown over the period and is capable for designing and executing turnkey projects; not only within Bengal, but throughout India.

Game-Changing Technologies

  • Enhancing productivity and accuracy by using the latest machinery
  • High-end technical support is provided to our project engineers
  • This enables a demonstration of their work to the concerned professionals and also provides an overview to the project officials (as per the requirement)
  • We provide “shop drawing” at the time of work execution and the ‘As Build Drawing’ after completion of the project work. This helps the client to have a detailed and complete picture at the time of handover to the end users for their further maintenance purpose
  • For every project, we innovate in terms of service and technology; keeping in mind the fastest way to completion with absolute satisfaction
  • With unparalleled marketing strategy they are a force to reckon in the Eastern India

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Client Satisfaction:

Client Satisfaction is our prime motto. We believe in not only meeting but exceeding the client satisfaction.

Cost effectiveness:

Cost effectiveness is another compelling factor in our journey which drives us ahead. We have in-house engineers who have enrolled to BOQ and they highlight items which can be altered by its specification as per the IS and IE rules.

Rectification Period:

We provide our man power at free of cost even after 6 months from completion/handover of the project for any type of rectification work.

Our Services



Our experienced staff is committed to providing the highest caliber of service and producing the best results possible no matter how complex the project is. Our Electrical Execution Services has set standards which entail the highest quality of craftsmanship and safety. All services will be performed by licensed electrical journeymen or apprentices. Our complete design/build service enables us to successfully design, plan and complete projects for our clients in a timely and cost effective manner. We offer new construction electrical services, as well as, electrical improvement and additions.

We are fully committed to safety, quality, and reliability. We adhere to safety standards and meet all state and local safety regulations.
Trunkey based on all kind of electrical, data, voice, networking & home automation execution job

H.T. & L.T. Activities (Electrical)

  • Electrical design work planned by experts with 100% backup for the whole system
  • Substation and switch yard work
  • Erection of VCBS, Transformers, D.G. sets, Motors, Pumps, H.T. panels, RM units and other equipments
  • Overhead – line work
  • Underground cable laying work
  • H.T. & L.T. distribution including cable laying & cable jointing

Internal & external project work (L.T. Side)

  • Customized planning on the basis of project layout along with Internal & External execution of electrical installation
  • Internal designing & lighting decoration
  • Street Lighting
  • Yard Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Swimming Pool Lighting
  • Aviation Lighting

Communications & L.V. System of Project

  • Internal & External Telecommunication job
  • Cable TV line work
  • CCTV line work
  • Music line & public address system
  • All kind of security system
  • Computer & LAN line
  • UPS system line work

Fabrication supply & Erection

  • All types of cable tray & cable duct.
  • L.T. Bus duct
  • L.T. Rising Main
  • Feeder Pillar

Panel Boards (Tailor made Equipments)

  • M.V. panels & switch board
  • M.V. Motor control centre
  • M.V. Power control centre
  • M.V. distribution board
  • Auto / Manual power factor improvement panel
  • Automatic mains failure panel
  • Control desks with control circuit
  • L.T. control panels with generator
  • Instrumentation panel
  • PLC panel
  • Automatic change over panel
  • Frequency Inverter panels for AC motors
  • Push button station
  • All kind of junction boxes

We also specialize in Home Automation & System Integrator services, along with various Hardware, software & data networking solutions.



We offer complete vigilance and protection to homes and offices with an alert feature from burglary, theft etc. Our focus is to build a relationship with the client to understand and address their individual needs. A relationship that ensures your safety 24*7.

From security viewpoint, the whole project campus can be viewed to comprise of the following areas:

  • Outside Perimeter
  • Entry & Exit Gates from surrounding public roads
  • Hotel, Cottage, Residential & Administrative Building
  • Car Parking Area
  • Concourse (Empty Grounds, Landscape etc.)
  • Special Purpose Equipment
  • Security Control Room

Overall objective is to create an integrated onion-layered security blanket to make it next to impossible for insurgents to damage property and human life. Our main work areas include;

Outside Perimeter

Entry & Exit Gates

IP based Digital CCTV System with Video Annalistic Software

Hotel, Cottage, Residential & Administrative Building

ID card System/Biometric System.

Millimeter Wave Imager

Digital CCTV Surveillance & Recording System

  • Covering all building entrances
  • Covering corridors and visitor rooms
  • Integrated with Access control system, Perimeter Protection System and other possible equipments
  • Live video monitoring and control from the Central Control Room
  • Intimation to Control Room in case of alarm situation
  • Recording of all events 24×7

Car Parking Area

  • Barriers to be placed along the perimeter of the car parking area
  • Bollards, guardrails, water fountains, walls, raised planting beds, boulders, and Jersey barriers to be installed to prevent a car bomb attack.
  • Vehicles to be kept at least 30 to 40 meters away from the building entrances.
  • Parking area surveillance by closed circuit television cameras.


  • CCTV cameras will be installed in strategic locations on poles, building walls, etc. to monitor in real time the entire premises
  • All the cameras will be connected either by coax / fiber optic cable / wireless for viewing from the local central control room
  • Adequate lighting arrangement throughout the complex area

Special Purpose Equipment

Security Control Room



Launched in the year 2012 as a film production house, HighDefinition Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. plans to branch itself into the many horizons of production and is competently piloted by Mr. Sudip Hazra (C.M.D.), Mrs. Barsha Hazra (M.D.)

Intelligent script with intriguing cinematic brilliance is what we are geared up for. By integrating production, direction and promotion we plan to ensure that entertainment in forms of exhibitions, display of films, advertisements (television & radio), music albums, television serials, chat shows, reality shows, documentaries , short films, telefilms, drama, concerts, operas, vaudevilles, ballets -whether by mechanical means or otherwise through plays, open air or other theatrical performances, reach audiences worldwide.

High Definition Entertainment is a new age motion picture company that believes in forming a symbiotic relation between ideas and execution by creating a life-changing platform for new talent and looks ahead to be enriched while on this creative journey. This in turn will help us leave a remarkable impression in the world of entertainment.



We offer a range of design, consulting and sustainability services for MEP systems associated with all types of buildings. We support you during the conceptual and detailed design of all MEP systems for new and modified buildings; as well as supervise the implementation of our designs and carry out acceptance tests upon completion.

  • Consulting and design services
  • Mechanical services
  • Electrical services
  • Plumbing services


With our expertise, we are offering our clients the widest range of electrical goods, which are in compliance with the global standards. These are flame proof, weather proof & tough in making and are thus widely demanded amongst our clients.

From switches to trunking systems we have it all, at the best market prices.

Range of our products:

  • Distribution system components
  • AC variable frequency drives
  • AC servo motors & drives
  • Motion control solutions
  • Wires, cables and flat cables
  • Bus bar trunking systems
  • Building automation products
  • Home automation products
  • Rotary switches
  • Modular remote control units
  • Timing devices
  • Cable ducts & IB series switches
  • Analog panel meters & current transformers
  • All kind of modular switch & socket
  • Manual & automatic change over switch
  • All type of light fixture & fans
  • Transformer
  • HT switch gear
  • VCB
  • All kinds of cable tray
  • Earthing & lighting arrestor system
  • All kinds of commercial electronic goods


With a privately-owned real estate investment and development group concentrating on the research, acquisition, administration, planning and development of
strategically located land, we take a long-term approach to land planning and development and our industry-leading expertise in real
estate investment, land planning and development uniquely positions Hazra Group to responsibly transition land into sustainable communities where people live, work and play.

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